Our Fees

Intentional Finance is an independent, fee-based, Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firm; our compensation for financial planning and investment advice comes directly from our clients. This is the key to why we can offer independent, unbiased advice that always puts our clients’ best interests first. Where it is appropriate and we can add value, we may offer our clients additional related products that generate revenue for us, but we always fully disclose ahead of time any additional fees or third-party payments we might receive, as well as other options clients have to obtain those products.

We are committed to charging reasonable fees and providing great value to our clients.  Our advisors work with each client to develop a fee arrangement appropriate to their specific circumstances, the services they desire, and the complexity of their situation.  For clients with accounts managed by our firm, we generally bill as a percent of the total value of the accounts, but may also bill as a flat fee.  For financial planning only clients, or one-time consulting projects, we can bill as a flat fee, or on an hourly basis.  The fee is explained and an initial estimate provided as part of our proposal to prospective clients and documented in writing in the signed Client Agreement, so clients always know what they are paying for our services.