Our Philosophy

At Intentional Finance, we believe that trust is the foundation of every positive and empowering long-term relationship, which makes developing and maintaining trust between our clients and ourselves the central guiding principle in everything we do. Each of our firm’s core values begins and ends with trust.



  • Educating and empowering our clients is at the center of our business.
  • We want our clients to believe in themselves and have confidence in their financial future.


  • Having integrity means honoring our fiduciary duty to act in our client’s best interests at all times.
  • We bring honesty to our relationships by openly sharing information with our clients and identifying potential roadblocks to achieving their vision of the future.
  • We are transparent in our fee structure and our investment recommendations.

Honor & Respect

  • We take the time to understand where our clients are in their lives and honor their journey.
  • We partner with our clients in designing financial strategies that meet their needs and align with their values.


  • We strive to create a supportive community for our clients through educational programs and educational events.
  • The support we receive from our clients enables us to give back to our local communities.

Professional Expertise

  • We continually educate ourselves on developments and trends in the financial industry.
  • We are fiercely open-minded when it comes to finding the right solution for our clients.