Retirement Preparedness

You’ve started thinking about how nice it would be to be retired.  Or maybe you’re coming up on a forced retirement date at your current position.  How do you know if you’ve got enough between savings and pensions and social security to actually stop working sometime soon?  Could you invest time and money into a new career or business and still be able to stop working completely at a later date?

We can help you pull all the pieces together and answer those questions.  It starts with envisioning what you want your life after your current job to look like.  We work with you to articulate your future plans and expectations and break them down into:

  • Needs – the things you must have to survive and protect yourself
  • Wants – the things that will make your retirement worthwhile
  • Wishes – the “nice-to-haves” that you could easily do without

Then we assess the income sources you will have available, including part-time work or a business, pensions, social security, and savings, and determine the best strategy for meeting your Needs and giving you as many of the Wants and Wishes as you can get over your anticipated lifetime.  We make sure to include estimates of major expenses that might change when you leave your job or as you age, such as medical costs or long-term care.  And we consider the structure and risk / return profile of your investments to see if they might need to be restructured in preparation for shifting from accumulation and growth to income generation and capital preservation. 

Once we have completed the planning, you will know what you need to do between now and your retirement day to achieve the quality of life you desire with the confidence that your money will last.