Estate Planning

The rewards of financial success include being able to leave a legacy to your loved ones after you are gone.  Having the estate planning in place to ensure that your assets will be smoothly and efficiently transferred to your heirs and your wishes carried out can provide priceless peace of mind.  You should retain a qualified attorney to draft the required legal documents; if you don’t have one we can recommend one.  Whether your situation is straightforward or complex, we can help you:

  • Identify, locate, and review all important documents
  • Create net-worth and gross-estate statements
  • Estimate tax liabilities and devise strategies for tax minimization
  • Review existing wills and trust documents
  • Articulate your specific wishes for your estate
  • Coordinate with your estate planning attorney
  • Manage trust assets
  • Answer questions and provide education to other family members

We make sure your estate planning is a coordinated part of your overall financial plan, and review your documents periodically to make sure they stay current with your situation and desires.  Having your affairs in order is another wonderful gift you can leave your loved ones.