Why Choose Intentional Finance?

Intentional Finance is an independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) locally owned and operated by women.  We started this firm so we could provide clients with our best, conflict-free financial advice for reasonable fees and make a real difference in their lives.  While we help clients from many walks of life, we specialize in working with women in transition due to divorce or widowhood, a mid-life career change, retirement, or other significant life event.   

Compared to the typical financial advisor, some things set us apart.  We are:

Independent As an independent firm, we answer only to our clients, not to a parent company with sales quotas, proprietary products, or profit goals.  Our success is measured by our clients’ success in reaching their goals, nothing else, and we are free to design the best strategies to get them there.

Fiduciaries Our Financial Advisors are licensed and legally required to act as fiduciaries, meaning our recommendations and actions must always be in our clients’ best interests, no matter what.  

Fee-based Our compensation for financial planning and investment advice comes directly from our clients. This is the key to why we can offer independent, unbiased advice that always puts our clients’ best interests first. Where it is appropriate and we can add value, we may offer our clients additional related products that generate revenue for us, but we always fully disclose ahead of time any additional fees or third-party payments we might receive, as well as other options clients have to obtain those products.

Client-centered At Intentional Finance, we know that everyone’s situation is unique; in fact, that’s one of the things we love about our work.  We have no interest in applying the same “cookie-cutter” solutions to every client.  We want to understand your needs and goals, but also your values and concerns, so our recommendations are comfortable and fit with your life.  Really getting to know our clients lets us customize the right financial strategies for them, and cultivating a long-term relationship based on trust and respect lets us continue to make a difference as their lives change with time.  

Financial planning focused The core of our practice is non-judgmental, holistic financial planning designed to help clients balance living life today with realizing their vision of tomorrow.  Many advisors focus primarily on investments, but at Intentional Finance, we know that is only one part of the “big picture” of our clients’ financial lives.  Good financial decisions must be made in the context of the whole life situation, weighing costs and benefits while keeping in mind the short and long term desired outcomes.    

Committed to education Our goal is to provide a supportive community where we educate our clients to become intentional about their financial decisions.  We believe that empowered and engaged clients will achieve higher levels of satisfaction in their financial and personal lives.  We want our clients to be partners in the financial planning and investing process, not bystanders.  

Flexible Because it is important to us to provide services to our clients in a way that matches their specific needs, Intentional Finance offers many options for working together. We give you the support and guidance you need, when you need it.  In addition, we have no investment, income, or net worth minimums that must be met to become a client.    

What difference could we make in your life?

We can help you gain clarity and understanding about all the aspects of your financial life, freeing up the time you spend wondering and worrying about the financial decisions you need to make.  The peace of mind that comes with knowing a professional advisor is by your side, helping you avoid costly mistakes and improve your financial outcomes, is only the start. More than just making sure your investments are right for you or your risks are properly addressed, we get to the heart of helping you identify what your money is for, connecting what it can do for you with those things you value most.  The power of intention turns plans into reality, and the present into the future you envision.